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Leicesters monkey marrow run

Runners wanted to take part in a charity fun run

Leicester’s monkey marrow run

Runners wanted to take part in a charity fun run

Issued on 15 April 2010

A student society at the University of Leicester is hosting a sponsored fun run on Sunday 6 June in aid of the Anthony Nolan Trust, which takes back lives from leukaemia and is looking for runners to get involved. Marrow is a volunteer organisation based in medical schools of universities across the country and actively recruits potential bone marrow donors to Anthony Nolan’s national register as well as raising funds for leukaemia research.

The fun run is taking place around Abbey Park, Leicester and is aiming for approximately 500 runners to complete either a 5km or 10km course; two or four laps around the park respectively. No previous running experience is necessary; it is a great way to do some exercise whilst raising awareness of the Anthony Nolan Trust, the charity responsible for maintaining the bone marrow register.

Leukaemia is the eleventh most common cause of cancer-related death and it can cost charities like the Anthony Nolan Trust up to £125 per person to add a new recruit to the donor list and therefore continued charitable donations are always appreciated to continue their life-saving work. The event organisers have set a target of £10,000 for this endeavor.

Medical Student, Aarti Mistry and University of Leicester Medical School graduate, Dr Christopher Clarke are overseeing the organisation of the event.

Dr Clarke commented:

“This is the first time an event like this has been held in Leicester and I hope it raises awareness for the Anthony Nolan Trust. I hope that everyone who takes part really enjoys the run and knows that they’re doing it for such a good cause and to save lives.”

There is a £10 race entry fee and entrants will receive a goody bag on the day, including a t-shirt and certificate and there will also be prizes awarded for the fastest male and female runners over both distances, for the individual who raises the most sponsorship money and for the best fancy dress.

Leicester’s Monkey Marrow Run is taking place on Sunday 6 June at 11am. To register, or for more information, please click here. You can also register over the phone by calling the Anthony Nolan Trust events team on 0303 303 3000.

Note to Newsdesks:

For more information, please contact or Dr Christopher Clarke 07515256674 To talk contact the Anthony Nolan Trust please call 0303 303 3000 or visit their website.

Key statistics about The Anthony Nolan Trust

The Anthony Nolan Trust saves lives by recruiting donors to our national bone marrow register .

The Anthony Nolan Trust is the UK’s largest and most successful register.

In 2008, the Charity saved two lives every day. However, for every two people whose lives were saved there are about two patients who do not receive a transplant.

  • Just over 400,000 people are on the bone marrow register and it is not enough
  • Between 1974 and 2008 The Anthony Nolan Trust has given 7,000 people the chance of life
  • In 2008/9 The Anthony Nolan Trust facilitated unrelated donor transplants for 808 patients
  • The Anthony Nolan Trust receives around 1,400 transplant requests from UK patients annually, and around 50% were successful and had a transplant. Transplants are often the last option for many patients therefore more donors on the register will improve the proportion of patients receiving a successfully matched donor, and save even more lives
  • To join the register you need to be aged between 18 and 40


  • There is a one in four chance that a brother or sister will share the same tissue type as the patient
  • Only 30% of patients needing a transplant find a matching donor from within their own family, generally from a sibling
  • Nearly 10,000 donors were deleted from the register during 2008 mainly through donors reaching the upper age limit

Other figures

  • On average The Anthony Nolan Trust received new search requests for 115 UK-based patients per month
  • 72% of all donations are made by men
  • We exported 160 donations last year: the top 3 were USA 45, Germany 29 and France 25
  • Imported units: 265 in total; Germany 137, USA 88 and Portugal/Cyprus 7 each
  • We currently have 24 volunteer couriers who did 463 trips as far afield as Hong Kong and Australia (over 7 390 travel hours)

Amy Cory

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