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Greenwood Institute pays tribute to former colleague

Dr Abhay Rathore of the Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, Professor Panos Vostanis of the Greenwood Institute of Child Health, and Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Robert Burgess.

Greenwood Institute pays tribute to former colleague

Memorial held for Professor Rory Nicol

Professor Rory Nicol, who sadly passed away last December, was the Founding Chair in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Leicester between 1986-1997.

His lasting impact on child mental health services, practice, research and teaching over several decades reflected his multiple skills and vision in integrating all these clinical and academic components to the benefits of children and young people.

These have influenced numerous students, researchers and practitioners who were fortunate to work with him at different times; many more across the world who read his work and followed his ideas and models; and, most importantly, the children and families who benefited from the implementation of these ideas.

His research on the impact of deprivation on child mental health remains classic in this field.

On 21st May 2010, we paid our tribute to this gifted man, together with his wife Frances, their family, friends, and colleagues.

The Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Robert Burgess named the Seminar Room at Westcotes House (Leicestershire NHS Child Mental Health Service), with its upgraded teaching facilities, and the Library at the Greenwood Institute of Child Health, in Professor Nicol's memory. This is a timely reminder of his immense contributions to the next generation of child mental health researchers, teachers and clinicians.

The event was concluded with presentations from academic and clinical colleagues on Professor Nicol's achievements in teaching (Dr N. Dogra), research (Prof P. Vostanis), service development (Mr R. Johnson and Dr K. Bretherton), and international collaboration (Dr M. Hodgkinson), and how these are linked with the current activities and future objectives of the Greenwood Institute of Child Health.

Professor Panos Vostanis, Director of the Greenwood Institute of Child Health

Professor Panos Vostanis, Director of the Greenwood Institute of Child Health, gives a talk on Professor Nicol's research. Dr Abhay Rathore, Clinical Director of the Leicestershire Child Mental Health Service, who represented the Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust.

Friends and colleagues of Professor Nicol filled out the seminar room that has been given his name.


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