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Mr David Weston (Doctor of Letters - 9th July, 11am)

Leicestershire artist David Weston, with his painting 'Great Northern Decline'.

Mr David Weston (Doctor of Letters - 9th July, 11am)

Leicestershire artist

David Weston has been a professional artist for 40 years, covering a diverse range of subjects. He has a love of the British landscape and its history, architecture and industrial past, and for many years the industrial history of the UK has formed a considerable part of his output, particularly industrial decline, the end of an era in British industrial history and the changing landscape that has followed. Coal mining, steel production and the railways are his favourite subjects.

He works in oils and watercolour, the latter being his preferred medium for its complexities and its ability to portray atmospheric effects, such as dereliction or decay.

David Weston was born in Leicester in 1935 and educated at Alderman Newton’s School. Since turning professional in 1969 following a successful exhibition at the British Transport Museum in London, he has preferred to remain independent of an agent or gallery and exhibits once a year in his own gallery at Kirby Bellars in Leicestershire. He has a long list of commissions.

There have been two television documentaries about his work and nine books of his pictures. The most recent, ‘Letting off Steam’ was published in 2009. Several of his paintings are in various national collections, including the National Railway Museum, the National Motor Museum, the Royal Scottish Museum, Glasgow City and the Leicestershire Museums.

Press comment: “I am delighted to receive this very special award of Doctor of Letters, especially as it coincides with my fortieth year in the profession.”

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