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Engineering Building is a Hit with City Residents

Engineering Building is a Hit with City Residents

University building comes second in Leicester competition

The James Stirling/Gowan Engineering Building at the University has been voted as the second best building in Leicester after The National Space Centre which is the brainchild of the University.

A survey carried out by the Royal Institute of British Architects (Riba) found the space centre’s futuristic structure was a hit with Leicester’s residents.

The University's buildings represent over a century of architectural styles which reflect our history and growth. Our first building, the Fielding Johnson, dates from 1837 and is a fine example of late Georgian architecture. Many of the more recent buildings have won architectural awards for design excellence.

The Engineering Building features in many publications about great British architecture and was the location in 2004 for the launch of a book - Why is Construction so Backward?, published by Wiley-Academy.

The building, which was designated a Class II* Listed Building by the Department of National Heritage in 1993, was one of Stirling’s earlier works, designed and constructed between 1959 and 1963. Much admired both nationally and internationally, the Engineering Building is praised in the book.

Why is Construction so Backward? makes two points about the University of Leicester Engineering Building:

• The Leicester Engineering Building stands as an example of how construction must still progress from a site based craft into system building from stock products.

• The Leicester Engineering Building stands as an example of how, more than ever in this age of Computer Aided Design (CAD), productive innovation in construction depends on the disciplined imaginations of architects and engineers – and the courage of their clients.

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