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Register now for Research File Store (R:Drive) capacity in September

Launch of New Storage Service for Researchers Proves to be a Big Success

In June 2012 researchers were invited to register for access to the new Research File Storage Service (RFS) managed by IT Services. The aim is to understand the level of demand so that the service can be grown accordingly. Demand has been has been very high with requests totalling 255TB, more than twice the available launch capacity, being received.

The Project Board, chaired by Kevin Schurer Pro-VC for Research & Enterprise, have reviewed all requests and as a result the initial available capacity has been allocated to 41research initiatives. These researchers will be contacted in July and August 2012 as their storage becomes accessible

The plan is to purchase further storage over the next few months and make this available to researchers during September 2012. You can register for Research File Storage now , if you have not already notified IT Services of your requirements.

See Research File Storage information to help you consider if this service is useful for your research data needs and to register your requirements.

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