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Advice for leaving private housing this summer

Advice from Leicester City Wardens for leaving private housing, including protecting yourself from being prosecuted due to your landlord's actions.

Summer is here, so whether you are moving out or just having a clear-out follow our checklist to be waste smart!


  • Clean house

Your waste, your responsibility. Be smart, waste left on the street is fly tipping and can cost you up to £50,000 and a criminal record. Cleaning up your property can also help to make sure you get your deposit back. If you leave anything behind in your house and your landlord throws those items onto the street you could still be prosecuted.

  • Book free 'bulky waste' collection

Extra waste? Old sofa or telly you no longer want? Think before you dump it, get it collected for free with our ‘Bulky Waste’ collection service. To book a Bulky Waste Collection or to find out more about additional costs and restrictions please call 0116 252 7002 or visit

  • Tell the council you're leaving

Call 0116 252 7005 (option 2 Council Tax helpline) and let Leicester City Council know that your leaving, this will help protect you if waste is dumped after you have left a property.

Don't forget other ways to deal with your waste:

  • Community Recycling Centres - if you have access to a vehicle please use our Community Recycling Centres to recycle and dispose of any of your household waste.

1. Islington Street - Freemans Common 2. Bridge Road - Off Spence Street (cars only)

Both sites are open from 8am to 8pm

  • Free Use - a great way to give away any of your unwanted but still usable items for free, just visit to see how easy it is.
  • Donate it - why not give your unwanted items to a local charity shop or swap it with friends or family?

If you need further help or advice please contact the Leicester City Wardens:

Andrew Moyse ( Senior City Warden )

A4 New Walk Centre, Welford Place, Leicester LE1 6ZG, Tel: ( 0116 ) 2528514


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