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Adapting to Changing Environments

Research Centre launch event and New Blood Workshop

Professor Martin Barstow, Head of the College of Science and Engineering, will introduce the New Blood Researchers of the Adapting to Changing Environments Research Centre. Professor Mike Petterson is the Director of this new research centre. Dr Barkley, Dr Smith and Dr Leigh will be presenting some of their new research.

Inter-disciplinary talks and poster presentations will highlight various aspects of adaptation and environmental change research. Heads of Department Professor Heiko Balzter and Professor Jeremy Levesley will be speaking on Hydrates and GIONET respectively. Professor Paul Monks will talk about changing trends in atmospheric chemistry.

Dr Jan Zalasiewicz will talk on ‘The New World of the Anthropocene’.

Dr Mark Williams, Dr Zoe Fleming and Dr Nelya Koteyko will also be speaking about their research in environmental change.

This event is free of charge. There will be a lunch and poster presentation before the main event. A wine reception will be held from 17:30-18:30.

Please register your attendance by emailing Kristina Burns

Please visit the ACE website to view the list of expected speakers, schedule details and booking information.


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