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Interviewees needed for reception study of Holocaust films

PhD research project in Stanley Burton Centre for Holocaust and Genocide Studies requires volunteers

A multidisciplinary PhD-project is seeking particpants. It aims at gaining a better understanding of the many different ways in which people in Britain perceive and interpret Holocaust films, and how their knowledge and memory of the Holocaust may be shaped by visual representations.

For more than 65 years, the Holocaust has been the subject of feature films, documentaries and television series. Films like 'Schindler's List' and 'Life is Beautiful' have reached large audiences all over the world. Scholars have produced a considerable amount of theoretical work about these and other films, their impact, their discourses, dangers and potentials. There has been, however, a notable absence of research of the British audience's perception of feature films that deal with different aspects of the Holocaust.

Selected feature films dealing with the Holocaust will be shown to different individuals and groups. The film screening will be followed by either an individual interview or a group discussion, and a questionnaire will be handed out. This should take no longer than three hours, depending on the duration of the selected film. Unfortunately, no payments or reimbursements can be made.

These interviews will help to address a deficit in current research by looking at audiences’ various interpre-tations of Holocaust films rather than making assumptions about them. The collection will serve teaching and research purposes and will be used to enhance public knowledge and awareness of the subject.

If you are interested, please contact Stefanie Rauch at or on 07779615841 for more information about what the study will involve.


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