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External link statement

The University of Leicester is not responsible for the content of external* Internet sites. References and links to any such sites should not be taken as an endorsement by the University of opinions expressed or services provided at those sites.

* External Internet sites are WWW Server domain names which do not end in .le.ac.uk, .leicester.ac.uk or .lwms.ac.uk

All external links on the CWIS at the University of Leicester are subject to the guidelines outlined in our Internet Code of Practice and Guide to Legislation documentation and additional guidelines CAMPUS ONLY issued by the Registrar and Secretary, 31 May 2000. All text external links should be indicated by a Globe icon [External Link] which is linked to this page.

Other objects which are linked to external sites should include "External Link:" in their ALT or LONGDESC attributes where applicable.


The World Wide Web HTML Validation Service [External Link]
<A HREF="/cwis/externallinks/statement.html" TARGET="_top"><IMG ALT="[External Link]" ALIGN=bottom SRC="/bullets/earbull.gif"></A>

[External Link: Valid HTML 4.01!]
<img border=0 src="OBJECTDIRPATH" alt="[External Link: OBJECT ALT TEXT]">


Please notify the CWIS Officer or departmental CWIS Maintainer, normally given at the bottom of the page, if you have any concerns about external links found on Web servers at the University of Leicester.

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Last updated: 26 May 2000
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