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Style Sheets

The Style Sheets

There are four things you must remember when using Style Sheets:

If you use them inappropriately  you may create a page which is style sheet dependent i.e. set negative margins or access particular font symbols. This can have disasterous results if the user's preferences override your sheet or their browser is not compatible.

Why bother to use them? They can give you much greater influence over your design in a controlled environment and therefore can be ideal for Campus based audiences. If you use HTML correctly you can cater for the needs of specific groups of people or media and facilitate the graceful degradation of your site across multiple platforms.

It is the intention that the basic corporate style sheet in the Corporate Web templates will allow all Web account holders to benefit from a central library of style sheets. This style sheet is designed to degrade gracefully over a wide range of platforms and not to create style sheet dependency. Elements will not be defined in this basic style sheet - only classes which can be applied to elements when appropriate. These classes will always be prefixed by corp- to avoid possible conflict with locally defined style sheets on Campus. However there are a number of other central style sheets available centrally which will define the presentation of elements, and there is the option to link to these as well.

Netscape Notes: Be careful how you reference Cascading Style Sheets as Netscape can get very confused.

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