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ARR Collaboration Bursaries


The ARR has initiated a novel bursary scheme – a Collaboration Bursary – aimed to promote the ability of SITS to visit and collaborate with other laboratories to further their research. We encourage any SITS to apply and are happy to discuss/help with promoting such bursaries. This is a wonderful opportunity to enable SITS to visit other laboratories and promote their careers.

ARR Collaboration bursaries (for SITS)

To support SITs with a focused interest in radiation research by facilitating visits to collaborating labs to further their scientific research. The collaboration must involve a UK laboratory either by providing or hosting a SIT. Emphasis will be given to those wishing to initiate/strengthen collaborative relationships between labs focused on radiation research but consider will also be given to SITS with a focus on radiation research wishing to learn a broader technique. We will evaluate all applications but preference will be given to intercontinental collaborations.


  • A collaborative visit to or from a UK radiation research laboratory – i.e. the recipient can be from a UK laboratory or visiting a UK laboratory.
  • If the recipient is currently in a UK laboratory, he/she must be a current ARR member or initiate membership on application and maintain membership for 5 subsequent years.
  • If the host laboratory is a UK laboratory (if they are receiving a SIT), the lab head must be a current ARR member or initiate membership on application and maintain membership for 5 years. 
  • ARR definition of a SITS is 5 years post Phd (consideration will be given to maternity and paternity breaks).

What is funded

  • Requests with a clear/detailed justification of how the funds will be spent. The budget is flexible but should be around £2-3000.
  • The funds can be used to cover travel, accommodation or lab consumables.
  • Up to 2 awards will be made annually. There are no deadlines for applications. The ARR committee aims to communicate outcomes within a month from the application.

What is not funded

  • Travel to a lab within the UK (assuming the home lab is also in the UK).
  • Conference attendance.
  • Workshop/training courses (e.g. the CSHL courses).
  • Salary costs.
  • Lab tours/visits (to attend job interviews for example).

Application will consist of:

  • A motivation letter and CV.
  • A project plan, including goals and what is hoped to be achieved.
  • Letters of support from current supervisor/line manager and host lab
  • A detailed budget, including travel, accommodation lab reagents. If additional funds are required for example for travel, living costs or reagents then details must be given for how they will be/have been obtained.
  • Justification for why the visit is necessary and how it will benefit the career of the SIT.
  • If the applicant is a PhD and their studentship has a training budget, then there must be a justification for why you also require ARR funding.

These documents should be sent to the ARR secretary (Christopher Talbot) by email: Applicants will be notified of outcome within one month.

These awards are made possible by the extraordinary generosity of members of the ARR. If you would like to support our young scientists in this way please consider making a donation by emailing to the ARR treasurer ( ).