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Careers in Radiation Research.


Life has evolved in the presence of terrestrial radioactivity, ultraviolet radiation, cosmic rays and electromagnetic fields. As a result, cells and organisms have devised numerous strategies to counteract, but also utilise, the effects of radiation. Similarly, man-made radiation is a double-edged sword. Medical imaging, radiation cancer therapy, telecommunication, navigation and electrical power generation are just some applications that have demonstrated the beneficial uses of radiation. On the other hand, ionising and ultraviolet radiation can cause mutations, chromosome damage and cancer even at low exposure levels and have more immediately harmful effects at high levels. The potential health effects of some other radiations like ultrasound and electromagnetic fields are not yet fully understood. There is therefore a huge range of exciting career opportunities in the field of radiation sciences. Relevant master's degree courses in radiation biology, radiation protection and medical imaging are available at University College London and the Universities of Oxford and Surrey.


Links to courses:


Graduate Studies at the Gray Institute for Radiation Oncology & Biology, University of Oxford:


Radiobiology MSc at University College London:


MSc in Radiation Research at the University of Surrey (see Physics):