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News Archive

Jack Fowler,

renowned medical physicist turned clinical radiobiologist, passed away on 1st December 2016, two months before his 92nd birthday. Tribute here

2017 Weiss Medal Winner

Prof J Yarnold
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It gives us great pleasure to announce that the 2017 ARR’s Weiss medal was awarded to John Yarnold.

Ester Hammond

I am absolutely thrilled to announce to ARR members that Ester Hammond (the current ARR Vice Chair) is the recipient of the 2015 Michael Fry Research Award from the Radiation Research Society. This was previously called the Radiation Research Award and is a prestigious award presented by the US equivalent of ARR. The award is presented to junior scientists who have been recognised as making extraordinary contributions to the field of radiation research. The list of eminent previous awardees can be seen at Radiation Research. Ester will receive her award at the 61st Annual Meeting of the RRS in Florida in September.
I am sure you will all want to join me in congratulating Ester – well done!
Penny Jeggo,
Chair of the ARR.

New Honorary Members for 2011

The ARR is delighted to announce the award of Honorary Membership to Eric Wright (top) and Roger Cox (bottom).
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New Committee members

As of July, 2010, Drs. Kaye Williams (top), Rhona Anderson (middle) and Marie Boyd (bottom) have assumed the duties of ARR Chair, Vice Chair & Secretary, respectively. In addition there are several new faces on the ARR Committee
. Click on image for further details.

New ARR Treasurer

As of March 9, 2010, Dr. Mark Hill has assumed the duties of Treasurer to the ARR. Click on image for further details
New Honorary Member for 2010

 David Lloyd

The ARR is delighted to announce the award of Honorary Membership to David Lloyd 'formerly' of the HPA. Click on the image for further details. 

New Chair for ARR

Dr. George 'Don' Jones, the previous Vice-Chair of the Association for Radiation Research (ARR), has now assumed the position of Chair of the ARR.
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Honorary Member

Dr Peter Bryant has been an active member of the ARR for over forty years. In recognition of his contributions to the Association and to his scientific achievements, Dr Bryant will be made an honorary member of the ARR in 2008. Click on the image for further details.