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References are given for most Topics in the Notebook. The lists are not exhaustive. Rather they are meant to provide an entry to the relevant literature. So we often add to a reference the phrase 'and references therein'. A key reference which marks a monograph which MJB found most helpful during his academic life is as follows. I. Prigogine and R Defay, Chemical Thermodynamics, trans; D H Everett, Longmans Green London ,1957.


Throughout this text we use the convention recommended by IUPAC, namely SI units [1-4]. We often examine equations to show that there is an internal consistency in the units of the quantities cited. The habit of checking units was drummed into MJB by an excellent physics master, the late Brian Hall, at Poole Grammar School, Dorset, England.


[1] The SI unit system for Chemists. M. L. McGlashan, Physico-Chemical Quantities and Units, Monographs for Teachers No. 15, Royal Inst. Chem., London,1971.
[2] Definition of Standard States; J. D. Cox., Pure Appl.Chem.,1982,54,1239.
[3] Standard pressure; R. D. Freeman, Bull. Chem.Thermodyn.,1982,25,523.

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