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New Topics

Both MJB and JCRR see the TOPICS as forming a dynamic Web site, reflecting new arguments and information within the broad remit of classical thermodynamics.

You might feel that a key subject has been overlooked . If so, you might like to draft a TOPIC for consideration by MJB and JCRR. Please include in your draft, your full name and address (postal and e-mail) It would be helpful if you send e-mails and hard copies to both MJB and JCRR. If your TOPIC is incorporated in the web site, your contributions will be identified in a Footnote to a TOPIC.

MJB and JCR are not keen to include accounts of molecular properties (e.g. bond energies), dielectric properties, statistical thermodynamics, computer modelling of liquids and solutions, spectroscopic studies(including i.r., u.v., vis., Raman, nmr and esr), light, X-ray and neutron scattering, and transport properties, theories concerning irreversible processes (e.g. electrical conductivities of salt solutions).

Unless there is significant novel thermodynamic content we are not keen to include analysis of reaction mechanisms in either solution or gas phase. Similarly we are not keen to include extensive extra-thermodynamic analyses leading to, for example, solvation numbers of ions.

Before spending time on a TOPIC please send a synopsis of your proposal to both MJB and JCRR, including a brief statement of breadth of coverage.

The style, nomenclature, format and symbols should follow the pattern established in the Notebook. The symbols and units should follow the SI convention. Terms and symbols should be precisely defined. There is merit in including in Footnotes explanations of the units of terms involved in equations.

We do not envisage that the Notebook will be a depository of results; e.g. densities of solutions at defined T and p. Rather we stress the thermodynamic background to analysis of experimental information.

MJB and JCRR see the Notebook as a dynamic web-site reflecting arguments and developments within the broad remit of chemical thermodynamics of solutions and liquid mixtures.

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Last updated: 29 August 2004