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1079, LO/425/376
Leicester Oral History Archive Collection

Speaker: Moulds, Ralph, 1905 - , Interviewee, Male, Canal worker
Speaker: Kirrane, S, Interviewer, Female

Summary of interview item: Describes how father started boating on canals, eventually working for Fellows and Mortons. Mentions children helping with work, horses used, entertaining themselves, the difference between owning and renting boats. Names painters and repairers of boats such as Fox's of Stoke on Trent, Mr Nurser at Braunstone, Leicester. Describes lay out of 'no engine' boat, 'fly' boat. Mentions skippering own boat age 17, describes runs, trying to get on Derby, Leicester, Nottingham run. Explains payments, hierarchy of cargoes. Describes dealing with ice in winter, progession of boats from horse to steam to diesel, mention of intermarriage between canal families. Mrs Moulds describes her family, women on the canals. Mention of running shells to Woolwich during First World War. Describes what work women wouldn't do, places to stable horses, tunnel at Blisworth, 'legging' [using legs] through the tunnels. Talks about incline plane and locks at Foxton, Leicestershire. Mentions closure of Fellows and Mortons, eventually working in garage, then plumbing. Names people at Ellis and Everard, Kays, various jobs in Leicestershire. Talks about working during Second World War blackout. Mentions maintenance of canals, Grand Junction Canal Company looked after locks better than anyone.
Place of birth: Leicester
Marital Status: Married, Children:
Father's Occupation: Canal worker
Mother's Occupation: Canal worker
Location: County: Leicestershire
Location: Town/Place: Leicester, Foxton
Periods Covered: 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s
Language: English

Recording Date: 14/10/1987
Playing time: 1 hr 24 mins
Access Restrictions: Full clearance Item Copyright: EMOHA
Summary: Yes
Transcription: No
Copies: yes
Cross Reference:

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