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2284, LR/12
Leicestershire Regiment

Speaker: Carey, David, 1916 - 0, Interviewee, Male, Soldier; Businessman
Speaker: Hyde, C, Interviewer, Male

Summary of interview item: Outlines father's background in army in India, training at Sandhurst, joining Leicester Regiment due to John Marriott, attraction of rugby. Talks about rugby, anecdote of losing Army Cup in final. Brief mention of boat trip to India, anecdote of being reunited with father's bearer, outline of bearer's duties. Describes daily routine in India, coping with heat, anecdotes. Mention of posting at North West frontier, Wazirastan; anecdotes of gaining leave through scoring goal in football match, Gurkhas carrying drunk soldier to base, receiving 'lucky money' as baby. Outlines operation in Norway, return to UK via Iceland, anecdotes. Gives example of intelligence work looking at aerial photos, recalls traffic build up prior to D-Day. Various impressions, anecdotes, of D-Day landings, such as smell of captured dugouts, witnessing air raid on Caen, refusing to enter mine field, dining with Mr Bols [of alcoholic drink fame]. Anecdote of soldier annoying Field Marshall Montgomery. Mentions terrible smell of ships with illegal immigrants in Palestine, dealing forcefully with Russians in Germany. Anecdotes of instructing King Hussein of Jordan at Sandhurst. Very brief mention of service in Cyprus. Talks about India - father paying pension to Indian bearer, caste system - example of attitudes, little mixing with Indians, coping with heat, ladies' nights, people selling things in camp.
Place of birth: Murree Hill Station, India
Marital Status: Married, Children:
Father's Occupation: Soldier
Mother's Occupation:
Location: County:
Location: Town/Place:
Periods Covered: 1930s, 1940s
Language: English

Recording Date: 23/6/2005
Playing time: 1hr 40 mins
Access Restrictions: Full clearance Item Copyright: EMOHA
Summary: Yes
Transcription: No
Copies: Yes
Cross Reference:

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