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2251, LR/06
Leicestershire Regiment

Speaker: Moore, Peter, 1921 - 0, Interviewee, Male, Farmer; Farm advisor; Soldier;
Speaker: Hyde, C, Interviewer, Male

Summary of interview item: Explains family connections with army, father gassed in First World War. Describes positive attitude to army at school and home, feeling keen to stand up to Hitler, joining Leicester Regiment. Talks about training, wide social mix of recruits, homesickness. Outlines movements around country, being inspected by ill looking King George VI, posting to North Africa. Recalls smell of Algiers, brief feeling of gloom. Describes defence of Kasserine Pass, escape from Germans; antagonistic attitudes of local Arabs, French, British. Briefly reflects on this period. Mention of being wounded in Salerno, Italy. Comments on politics, surprise that some officers celebrated Churchill's election defeat. Mentions fighting in Greece, 1944, being 'professional soldier' by this point. Brief mentions of being in Naples at end of war, the film 'The Third Man' giving a sense of post-war Austria, fighting Tito in Yugoslavia. Explains why no one talked of the war after it. Reflects on being glad to leave army but being glad to be involved.
Place of birth: Much Wenlock, Shropshire
Marital Status: Married, Children: Sons: 3
Father's Occupation:
Mother's Occupation:
Location: County:
Location: Town/Place:
Periods Covered: 1930s, 1940s
Language: English

Recording Date: 12/3/2004
Playing time: 59 mins
Access Restrictions: Full clearance Item Copyright: EMOHA
Summary: Yes
Transcription: No
Copies: Yes
Cross Reference:

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