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96, MA200/105/105
Mantle Oral History Project

Speaker: Gee, Selena, 1910 - , Interviewee, Female,
Speaker: Roberts, T, Interviewer, Female

Summary of interview item: Recalls early childhood with grandmother and return to parents in Nottingham before the family moved to Leicestershire. Describes journey by train and horse and cart. Describes father's work as a trader/dealer buying and selling anything, including toys. Recalls the toys she played with. Also describes selling clothes herself and ' The Pack Man '. Mentions the 'Moscow ' brothers who were dealers and delivered coal. Recalls spirit of mining community, playing in Snibston pit yard and collecting coal. Describes the pit buildings, tally system, pit ponies, domestic coal delivery, mining accidents, pit lamps and striking miners, in 1926, reclaiming coal from disused pits. Mentions Bill Tathem, the under manager and Sir George Beaumont of Coleorton Hall being the only local car owners. Recalls Friday market day, describing the stalls and market day being the only outing for some women. Describes the Coalville "monkey walk". Mentions miners' leisure time, mushroom picking, playing in the fields and pit yard and school Empire Day celebrations. Recalls her aunt ' laying out ' dead bodies, the funeral parlour and collections for bereaved miners' families. Explains about moleskin trousers from written memories and mentions death of father-in law's brother in the Whitwick pit disaster, singing a miner's song about the disaster. Recalls meeting her husband.
Place of birth: Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Education: All saints school; (Until age 14)
Marital Status: Widowed, Children: Son: 1 Daughters: 2
Father's Occupation: Trader
Mother's Occupation:
Location: County: Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire
Location: Town/Place: Snibston, Whitwick
Periods Covered: 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s
Language: English

Recording Date: 7/8/1991
Playing time: 1 hr. 13 mins
Access Restrictions: Full clearance Item Copyright: EMOHA
Summary: Yes
Transcription: No
Copies: yes
Cross Reference:

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