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Medium Title Speaker/Author Sex DOB Accession No Collection No
Interview David Wood Collection Mayne, John Male - 224 DW400/012
Interview Community History Collection Anon. Female 1916 499 CH/020/0137
Interview EMOHA Project Knox, Jamie Male 1977 519 EM/015
Interview Community History Collection Radbone, Eva Female 1912 547 CH/059/0178
Interview Leicester Oral History Archive Collection Beeby, Phillip Male 1920 888 LO/252/203
Interview Arqueotex Project Collection Partridge, WH (Bill) Male - 1252 AT/04
Interview Arqueotex Project Collection Bowers, Annie Female - 1255 AT/07
Interview EMOHA project Kempton, Russell Male 1937 1443 EM/074
Interview Talking About Technology Robinson, Cecil Male 1930 1491 TA/08/258
Interview Talking About Technology Smith, Jack Male 1920 1492 TA/09/259
Interview Talking About Technology Bowes, Wallace Male 1925 1493 TA/10
Interview Talking About Technology Gulley, David Male 1939 1497 TA/14
Interview Talking About Technology Gunby, Edward Male 1937 1498 TA/15
Interview Talking About Technology Handley, Phyllis Female - 1499 TA/16
Interview Talking About Technology Spencer, Joe Male 1934 1501 TA/18
Interview EMOHA project Beck, Harry Male 1907 2127 EM/119
Interview Wathes Collection Anon. Male 1931 2253 WA/01
Interview Wathes Collection Mason, Malcolm Male 1939 2254 WA/02
Interview Wathes Collection Pearson, GM (Matt) Male 1918 2255 WA/03
Interview Wathes Collection Norman, Trevor Male 1946 2260 WA/08
Interview Wathes Collection Thurnham, Peter Male 1938 2261 WA/09
Interview Natural Heroes Rudkin, Philip Male 1936 2328 NH/04


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