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About the Bulletin

The Bulletin aims to publish news and features which inform staff and students of developments affecting the University.

Tell us your news! We welcome stories and pictures from individuals and departments, so send your copy to the Editor in Press and Publications. The Editor reserves the right to amend or abbreviate copy without notice.

The Bulletin is edited in Press and Publications.

Prices for inserts are available on request.
Please contact Kathryn Irving, Marketing Officer Students' Union, extn 1150.

Private, non-commercial announcements are carried free of charge, subject to space.


Advice on Bulletin/Media Procedures

This is to remind departments that, in the event of the death of a member of staff, student, or graduate, they should notify Vivienne Paul, the Registrar's Secretary (, 0116 252 2411) as soon as possible in order that the appropriate arrangements for the display of notices, flag-flying, etc can be made.

Departments should also contact Barbara Whiteman (, 0116 252 2676) to identify the Bulletin obituary author and to discuss the nature and length of an obituary prepared for inclusion in the Bulletin.

In addition, the following points should be noted:

  • The national media may be interested in carrying an obituary and are often alerted to a death by family/friends placing a notice in a national paper.
  • It will be necessary for the department to establish before a death notice is placed whether or not the family would wish agree to an obituary in the local/national press.
  • The Press and Publications Office will direct any media calls to the person identified by the department as the obituary writer. If the local/national media are interested in an obituary, they will require an obituary within a matter of days. Please be advised that if more than one national paper wishes to carry an obituary, they are unlikely to want the same author.
  • If authorised by the department, the Press and Publications Office will pro-actively seek local/national coverage. It is essential that the family's consent has been obtained by the department before this procedure is undertaken. There is no guarantee that the local/national media will follow this up.
  • Departments are welcome to contact the national obituary editors directly. Contact names and numbers are available from the Press and Publications Office.
  • All print media are likely to ask for a photograph. It may be necessary to select a photo after consultation with the family and have sufficient copies available.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact the Press and Publications Office if there are any queries.

    Editor: Ather Mirza (Extn 3335) e-mail:

    Deputy Editor: Barbara Whiteman (Extn 2676) e-mail:
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    Journalist: Jane Pearson

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    Pictures: Central Photographic Unit, Leicester Mercury.

    Printed by: AVS Reprographics.

    Newsline: 0116 252 3335



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