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The Company: Bioastral Limited

BioAstral an emerging company which is innovative in developing advanced space imaging technology with the needs of bioscientists. The technology has moved beyond the research phase and is now being developed for commercial application, and our focus is now on commercialization and funding these exciting opportunties.  
George Fraser, Trude Schwarzacher and Pat Heslop-Harrison founded BioAstral Limited in October 2004 to exploit new concepts in biomedical imaging using advanced photon detection and image analysis methods. As employees of the University of Leicester, with Andrew Holland, the founders were the inventors of a patent applied for by the University on the application of cryogenic detectors to biological assays. George, Pat, Andrew and Trude  

The founders invited the University of Leicester and a group of experienced business Angels and Managers to join them in BioAstral (see The Team), contributing the Intellectual Property and business accumen to the company. BioAstral has negotiated exclusive rights to IP owned by the University of Leicester covering the use of cryogenic detectors for biological assay.

Since then, the team has moved forward (see technology) and developed the Business Plan (see focus).

Link to BioAstral HomepageBioastral Limited was a Private Limited Company registered in England and Wales 1st October 2004,. Registration registered Company Number 5247646. The Directors at November 2010 were David Gough and George Fraser. The Company Secretary was Tim Maskell. By the time of Professor Fraser's death, he was the only director.