PBERRS, Version 5.0

by Clive Ruggles

This program calculates:

from a set of pairs of H scale readings on both faces. (N.B. In calculating the collimation error it is assumed that cos(alt) =1; thus it is not recommended that pointings more than about 10 degs from the horizontal be included.)

It is a batch program. The data must be provided in a file called DATA in the following format:


Vertical circle type on theodolite: v scale reading in degrees corresponding respectively to the following attitudes: horizontal face left; vertically up; horizontal face right; & vertically down.

Values of -90, 0, 90, 180 or 270 are permitted.

Format: _nnn_nnn_nnn_nnn.


Observation details: reference, LH reading, RH reading The reference is a three-figure number for the user's convenience

Format: nnn_LLL_LL_LL__RRR_RR_RR

where the left and right face readings are expressed in degrees, minutes and seconds

LINE 3 etc

As line 2

A minimum of 4 and a maximum of 300 observations is allowed.

The TERMINATOR line must begin "000".

The output will be written into a file called RES, and will consist of

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Author: Clive Ruggles