Astronomies and Cultures

Edited by Clive L.N. Ruggles and Nicholas J. Saunders

University Press of Colorado, 1993

This is a collection of ten selected papers from the third Oxford international symposium on archaeoastronomy, held in St Andrews in 1990.

Contents list

Foreword. Anthony F. Aveni xvii

1 The Study of Cultural Astronomy. Clive L. N. Ruggles and Nicholas J. Saunders 1

2 The Yao Dian and the Origins of Astronomy in China. Chen Cheng-Yih and Xi Zezong 32

3 The Riddle of Red Sirius: An Anthropological Perspective. Roger Ceragioli 67

4 Astronomies and Rituals at the Dawn of the Middle Ages. Stephen C. McCluskey 100

5 Folk Astronomy in the Service of Religion: The Case of Islam. David A. King 124

6 Cosmos and Kings at Vijayanagara. John McKim Malville and John M. Fritz 139

7 Medicine Wheel Astronomy. David Vogt 163

8 Venus-Regulated Warfare and Ritual Sacrifice in Mesoamerica. John B. Carlson 202

9 Astronomical Knowledge, Calendrics, and Sacred Geography in Ancient Mesoamerica. Johanna Broda 253

10 The Pleiades in Comparative Perspective: The Waiwai Shirkoimo and the Shipibo Huishmabo. Peter G. Roe 296

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Clive Ruggles