School of Archaeology and Ancient History: AR315, Archaeoastronomy

Lecture Timetable for Second Semester 2001/02

Photograph of Sarmizegetusa Regia, Romania Copyright © Clive Ruggles, University of Leicester.

PLEASE NOTE! Links to information pages associated with each lecture will be opened up as the course progresses.

Week 15	Jan 31	Introductory session--timetable, books, use of Web.

		The nature and development of archaeoastronomy

Astronomy in prehistoric Britain, Ireland and Europe

Week 16	Feb 7	Sun, moon and stones: the arguments surrounding "classic" astronomical sites

Week 17	Feb 14	Going for groups: looking for trends in groups of monuments

Week 18	Feb 21	Archaeoastronomy in Britain, Ireland, and Europe:
		key ideas, issues and themes [Part 1]

Week 19	Feb 28	Planetarium session followed by: 
		Archaeoastronomy in Britain, Ireland, and Europe:
		key ideas, issues and themes [Part 2]

Week 20	Mar 7	At 9.30-11.30 in Att 807: Interpretation and explanation: the social context
		of astronomy in prehistoric Britain and Ireland (seminars)

World archaeoastronomy

Week 20	Mar 7	The rise of American archaeoastronomy and the 'green' v. 'brown'
		methodological divide

Week 21	Mar 14	Integrating evidence from art and ethnohistory

Please note that there will be no lecture on March 21st or on May 2nd

Week 24	May 9	Astronomy in context: case studies from modern indigenous groups

Week 25	May 16	Themes and issues (seminars)

Revision lecture

Week 26	May 23	Theory and practice in archaeoastronomy: key themes, issues, and case studies

All lectures take place on Thursdays at 12.30-2.30 in Att 309.
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