Carpe Diem

''Carpe Diem' (from the Latin for "Seize the Day") is a two-day course design workshop, in which subject teams work to implement effective e-learning designs for new or redesigns for existing courses. It is not a technical training course. The designing for e-learning process has made use of ‘stable’, normalised technologies, e.g. the institutional VLE and other tools that course teams are familiar with. Only when course teams have expressed a need to make use of other, newer technologies to meet their course objectives are these incorporated.

Features of Carpe Diem include:

  • offered to teams not to individuals
  • involves an overview of the learning design of the whole of a course, module or unit, not just the e-learning
  • real practical outcomes by the end of the workshop
  • exceptional return on investment of a small amount of time

If you are interested in arranging a 'Carpe Diem' workshop or short e-moderating course for your team, please contact Ale Armellini in the first instance.

Many of ADELIE's events - seminars, workshops, training courses, individual consultations - take place in the 'Media Zoo' which provides a supportive experimental environment, exclusive to staff, to facilitate transfer of understanding of the design of learning activities using learning technologies.


'Carpe Diem' Workshop Schedule


18-19 September - Drug and Alcohol Course

8-9 October - Archaeology

Previous Carpe Diem Workshops

29-30 August - Medicine (Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment)

31 Oct-1 Nov 06 - Lifelong Learning

11-12 Nov 06 - Law

16 January 07- Geology (Mini)

16-17 January - Modern Languages

18-19 January - Criminology

23-24 January - Centre for Labour Market Studies

29-30 January - Psychology

13-14 February - Educatiom

15-16 February - Media Studies

6-7 March - Inter-Professional Education

15-16 March - Criminology

3-4 May - Health/Medical

8-9 May - Education

2-3 July - Geography




List of tools which participants in Carpe Diem workshops have found useful

UPDATED: 1st August 2006
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