University of Leicester Archaeological Services

Glaston Early Upper Palaeolithic Project. Glaston, Rutland

Glaston, Rutland

April - Oct 2000

Image of the Glaston site in use as a temporary hunters camp © Jane Brayne

Hunters and Hyenas in Ice Age Rutland

Image of the temporary hunters camp.  Herds of horse (in the middle distance) and reindeer, in the background.  Remains of the hyena den can be seen in the foreground. © Jane Brayne

It is true to say that no matter how much planning goes into an archaeological excavation, nothing can fully prepare you for what may, or may not, be revealed once the topsoil is removed. This was certainly the case when a team from University of Leicester Archaeological Services was involved in the excavation of medieval remains in the village of Glaston, Rutland in early 2000. As the work was due to finish, unexpected remains from the last Ice Age (c. 30, 000 years ago) were recovered. The patience of the landowner, and technical and financial support from our project partners, English Heritage, the Natural History Museum and the British Museum allowed the excavation of Britain’s first ‘open air’ hyena den and rare evidence for a temporary hunters’ camp.

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