Moringa oleifera Lam.


In recent years interest has grown in the utilisation of what have come to be known as 'multipurpose' trees. The variety of products that can be obtained and the number of uses for which these trees can be put to have pushed them to the forefront of rural development. One such tree is Moringa oleifera Lam. (M.oleifera). A native of the sub-Himalayan regions of north west India, this tree is now indigenous to many countries in Africa, Arabia, South East Asia, the Pacific and Caribbean Islands and South America. As more becomes known of the various uses and products of the tree the greater its significance has become in the development of many of the poorest areas of developing countries. The aim of this page is, therefore, to provide a summary of the information available on the tree itself and its multipurpose nature.

Each of the descriptive sections below contain a list of selected references where further information can be obtained.

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