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Ultra-High Speed Brushless Motors and Generators

The development of the reluctance motor principle has been improved upon in this new range of high efficiency reluctance machines for a variety of applications. The robustness of a reluctance machine enables high speeds to be attained without the problems of self-destruction. Furthermore, the controllability of Pulsed Synchronous Reluctance Machines is simpler than the majority of inverter fed AC machines.

The photograph shows a starter/generator for a micro-gas turbine in an IEC 56 frame size. Typical shaft speeds of up to 80,000rpm are achievable with an output power of 3kW. The physical robustness of the rotor and low cost construction are key features in the design of this prototype.

The photographs below show some examples of experimental micro-gas turbines used for portable power generation and efficient CHP systems.

Academic Contact: Dr. Paul W. Lefley

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