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  • EMOHA's WW1 oral histories are now online. Taken from around 300 recordings made in the 1980s and 1990s you can hear local people talk about the home front in Leicestershire & Rutland during the Great War. Click here to go to the exhibition.

  • Affective Digital Histories is a new project being run by the University of Leicester that is investigating the sounds of Leicester's Cultural Quarter. We are looking for volunteers to take part and you can find out more by clicking here for details.

  • EMOHA's Colin Hyde has edited an oral history of the International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS) at the University of Derby. The book celebrates the success of the Centre over the last 16 years, highlighting its influence on policy and practice in the sector, and details the iCeGS journey from its creation in 1998 to the present day, with personal recollections from many of the past and present iCeGS team, associates and University of Derby staff. 'A Beacon for Guidance' is available to download for free via: http://www.derby.ac.uk/research/icegs/news/2014/icegs-launch-a-beacon-for-guidance.html

  • A new website that provides information for community groups involved with heritage projects has been launched by the School of History at the University of Leicester. The Building and Enriching Shared Heritages website covers many topics and includes advice about doing research, using archives, interpreting historical sources, oral history, engaging the public, archiving, copyright, publishing, and looking for funding for a project. The website also contains podcasts and videos, and all the information is available as downloadable documents. The address for the website is: http://www2.le.ac.uk/departments/history/outreach/besh

  • The 2014 East Midlands Oral History Day took place on Friday 11th July 2014 and was a celebration of the contribution the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has made to oral history in the region over the last 20 years. More details are here - http://www.le.ac.uk/emoha/news/ohday_2014.html. The 2013 East Midlands Oral History Day was on the subject of ‘Past, Present & Future’ and there are details here - http://www.le.ac.uk/emoha/news/ohday_2013.html. The 2012 event was on the subject of 'Telling Stories'. Details of the speakers and links can be found on the event's page - click here for details. There are top tips for interviewers and a picture of the cake on the 2011 webpage- click here for details. The page for the 2010 event, on the subject of work, is still available by clicking here.

  • The autumn of 2013 marks the 30th anniversary of the start of formal oral history in Leicestershire & Rutland. Ned Newitt made his first recording for his new project the 'Industrial & Social History Project' and this became the Leicester Oral History Archive. Thirty years later EMOHA carries on the work! Read more here.

  • 'Dialect in the East Midlands' is the latest addition to the EMOHA website. The pages of this website form the outputs of a collaborative research project conducted by researchers from the University of Leicester and Nottingham Trent University. This British Academy funded project concerned itself with identifying variation and potential changes in the East Midlands dialect that can be observed to have taken place over the last century. In order to address a gap in previous linguistic research in the area, this study aimed to examine a number of recorded oral history interviews that were conducted in the latter half of the last century and compare those with interviews conducted more recently.

  • EMOHA is now able to lend recording equipment to community groups or individuals in the East Midlands who want to record oral history. We have a selection of recorders from simple to use Zoom H1s and Tascam Dr-05s to higher end Zoom H4ns which can take good quality external microphones. If you want to find out more about this contact Colin Hyde via ch38@le.ac.uk . Don't forget that if you're after advice about recording equipment you can look to us for advice on our current equipment page.

  • There is a special issue of 'Memory Studies' Vol. 6.1, January 2013. Challenging dominant discourses of the past: 1968 and the value of oral history This special issue – with case studies from France, Germany, UK and Italy – explores different trajectories and narratives of 1968. Through the application of oral history methodology, it creates a more inclusive and complex history which moves beyond established memories of 1968. Have a look here - http://mss.sagepub.com/content/6/1.toc?etoc

  • Cynthia Brown, one of EMOHA's founders, is one of the Oral History Society's Regional Network's representatives for the East Midlands. More information on the OHS website.
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Conferences, Roadshows, Seminars

CALL FOR PAPERS - Oral Histories of Science, Technology and Medicine. The Annual Conference of the Oral History Society in conjunction with Royal Holloway University of London and the Oral History of British Science at the British Library, with support from the Wellcome Trust.

Venue: Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham, Surrey TW20 0EX, UK
Date: Friday 10th- Saturday 11th July 2015

Conference Scope:
What can oral history and life story methodologies bring to the study of the history of science, technology and medicine? How have historians of science, technology and medicine made use of personal memory and narratives in their research?


Proposals should be submitted by 1 December 2014 and include: a title, an abstract of between 250-300 words, your name (and the names of any co-presenters, panelists etc), your institution or organisation, your email address, and a note of any particular requirements. Most importantly your abstract should demonstrate the use of oral history or personal testimony.

Proposals should be emailed to the Oral Histories of Science, Technology and Medicine Conference Administrator, Belinda Waterman, at belinda@essex.ac.uk. They will be assessed anonymously by the conference organisers, and presenters will be contacted in January 2015.

OHS website: http://www.oralhistory.org.uk/

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Projects, Schemes

  • As part of a new oral history project Loughborough University is collecting people’s experiences of the Cold War for the benefit of the next generation. The topics could include: demobilisation and conscription; the arms race and the Cuban missile crisis; refugees from Eastern Europe; arguments about the opposing systems etc. If you’re interested in contributing or would like to know more please contact Robert Knight, at Loughborough University, Department of Politics, History and International Relations. T:01509-222999: R.G.Knight@lboro.ac.uk.
  • The Executive Board of UNESCO have endorsed the adoption of a World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, to be held on 27th October each year. For those of you wanting to know more, the document submitted to the Exec Board is here: http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0014/001469/146936e.pdf
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  • Mark Vernon is a radio producer who has produced programmes about tape clubs in Derby and Nottingham and has now turned his attention to the Leicester Tape Club, a gathering of tape recorder enthusiasts who started recording in the 1950s. For more information and snippets from the programmes have a look here: http://www.meagreresource.com/archive/tape.html
  • Retired policeman Kip Phillips has published a book about his time as a bobby working from Asfordby Street police station and then Spinney Hills Park police station in the Highfields district of Leicester. More details here.
  • BRITISH AND IRISH SOUND ARCHIVES (BISA) – DISCUSSION LIST. This list has been formed following a meeting in Edinburgh in May 2006 to form a network for sound archives. Some of the common areas of concern identified at the meeting included funding, digitization and technical obsolescence, storage, access, legal matters, and pooling good practice. The list can be used to discuss these or other matters of common professional interest. Go to http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/lists/BISA.html to join the list.
  • Pam Schweitzer has published a book, 'Reminiscence Theatre. Making Theatre from Memories'. This book is a comprehensive guide to the nature, practice and therapeutic effects of reminiscence theatre. Drawing on examples from a range of real-life case studies, Pam Schweitzer provides practical advice on the process of taking an oral history, creating from it a written script and developing that into a dramatic production, on whatever scale. More details here: http://www.jkp.com/catalogue/book.php/isbn/9781843104308
  • AGE EXCHANGE has published a resource book which they believe will be of great interest and use to you. MAPPING MEMORIES - Reminiscence with Ethnic Minority Elders features the lives of 24 elders who originate from the Caribbean, Africa, India and China.
  • Barbara Hind has published a book, 'Sheepy Tales'. Click here for more details.
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