Handbook of Machine Olfaction: Electronic Nose Technology

Editors: T. C. Pearce, S. S. Schiffman, H. T. Nagle, J. W. Gardner

Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2002.


Table of contents

Agreed table of symbols and abbreviations - [pdf]

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Chapter 1. Introduction to Olfaction: Perception, Anatomy, Physiology and Molecualr Biology
S. S. Schiffman, T.C. Pearce

Chapter 2. Chemical Sensing in Humans and Machines
J. E. Cometto-Muñiz

Chapter 3: Odour Handling and Delivery Systems
T. Nakamoto

Chapter 4: Introduction to Chemosensors
H. Nanto, J.R. Stetter

Chapter 5: Signal Conditioning and Preprocessing
R. Gutierrez, H.T. Nagle, B. Kermani, S.S. Schiffman

Chapter 6: Pattern Analysis for Electronic Noses
E.L. Hines, P. Boilot, J.W. Gardner, M.A. Gongora, E. Llobet

Chapter 7: Commercial E-nose Instruments
E. Vanneste

Chapter 8: Optical Electronic Noses
T. A. Dickinson, D.R. Walt

Chapter 9. Hand-held and Palm-Top Microsensor Systems for Gas Analysis
A. Hierlemann, U. Weimar, H. Baltes

Chapter 10. Integrated Electronic Noses and Microsystems for Chemical Analysis
J.W. Gardner, M. Cole

Chapter 11. Electronic Tongues and Combinations of Artificial Senses
F. Winquist, C. Krantz-Rülcker, I. Lundström

Chapter 12. Dyn. Pattern Recog. Methods and System Ident.
E. Llobet

Chapter 13. Drift Compensation, Standards, Calibration Methods
M. Holmberg, T. Artursson

Chapter 14. Chemical Sensor Array Optimization: Geometric and information -Theoretic Approaches
T.C. Pearce, M. A. Sánchez-Montañes

Chapter 15. Correlating EN Data and Sensory Panel Data
R. W. Sneath, K. C. Persaud

Chapter 16. Machine Olfaction for Mobile Robots
H. Ishida, T. Moriizumi

Chapter 17. Environmental Monitoring
H.T. Nagle, R. Gutierrez-Osuna, B.G. Kermani, S.S. Schiffman

Chapter 18. Medical Diagnostics and Health Monitoring
K.C. Persaud, A. M. Pisanelli, P. Evans

Chapter 19. Recognition of Natural Products
O. Deffenderfer, S. Feast, F.-X. Garneau

Chapter 20. Process Monitoring
T. Bachinger, J.-E. Haugen

Chapter 21. Food and Beverage Quality Assurance
C. Di Natale, R. Paolesse, A. D'Amico

Chapter 22. Automotive and Aerospace Applications
M. Ryan, H. Zhou

Chapter 23. Detection of Explosives
V. K. Pamula (Duke)

Chapter 24. Cosmetics and Fragrances
P.A. Rodriguez, T.T. Tan


Sample chapters (draft manuscripts):

Foreword introduction Brief history, overview of E-Nose systems, current and future application areas, market size, growth and direction. Current detection limits. Expected improvements in detection limits.

Sample draft- [pdf]


PART A: Fundamentals of Odor Sensing (Leader: Schiffman) Foreword (Schiffman)

Sample draft [pdf]

Chapter 6: Pattern Analysis for Electronic Noses. This chapter should cover the following topics Statistical pattern recognition: o PCA. o DFA. o PLS. o CCA. Neural networks: o MLP. o SOM. Author: E.L. Hines / Pascal Boilot / J.W. Gardner (Warwick, UK).


PART B: Advanced Instrumentation (Leader: Gardner) Foreword (Gardner)

Sample draft - [pdf]

Chapter 7. Commercial E-nose Instruments This chapter should cover the following topics: A review of commercially available e-noses today. This review should a technical description of the e-noses manufactured today The following manufacturers should be covered amongst others: Agilent, Airsense, Alpha MOS, ArrayTec, Bloodhound, Daimler Chrysler Aerospace (SamSelect, etc), EEV Ltd, Electronic Sensor Technology, Environics Industry, Estcal, Lennartz Electronics, Mastiff Electronics, Motech, Nordic Sensors, Osmetech, Perkin-Elmer/HKR, SMart Nose. The chapter should end with a summary chart of all the products, the type of sensors used, data processing software, costs, intended markets etc. Confirmed Author: E. Vanneste


PART C: Advanced Signal Processing & Pattern Analysis (Leader: Pearce) Foreword (Pearce)

Sample draft - [pdf]

Chapter 14. Sensor Array Optimization Methods This chapter should cover the following topics: Selecting an array of sensors to optimize the performance of an electronic nose system. Odor and sensor space. Viewing sensor arrays as multidimensional mapping. Geometric description. Levenberg Marquardt (LM) optimization. Fisher Information methods. Confirmed Authors: Sanchez-Montanes (Madrid, Spain) / T.C. Pearce (Leicester, UK) (contract requested)


PART D: Applications and Case Studies (Leader: Nagle) Foreword (Nagle)

Sample draft - [pdf]

Chapter 27: Automotive and Aerospace JPL Space Flight E-Nose Confirmed Authors: Amy Ryan, (JPL), H. Zhou, (JPL) (contract requested)