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Embedded Systems Laboratory

This WWW page provides information about research projects carried out in the Embedded Systems Laboratory (ESL) at the University of Leicester.

Many of the recent projects carried out in the ESL have involved the design of software for embedded systems where there are severe resource constraints (for example, very limited CPU performance and memory) and, at the same time, a demand for very predictable behaviour.

Typical application areas for this work include safety-critical automotive designs where low cost and high reliability are key design requirements.

Note: This page describes our research in embedded systems. If you are looking for information about teaching in this area, you'll find it here.

The PH Processor

The current version of the PH Processor is described on this page.

The Simple (Non-Adaptive) Cruise-Control Testbed

The current version of a simple cruise control system (CCS) testbed is described on this page.

ACCS Testbed

Technical reports describing the Leverhulme adaptive cruise-control testbed are available here.

Interested in studying for a PhD in this area?

Please see our "Vacancies" page.

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