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Dr E. Gaten - research interests

Vertical migration of Northern krill

  Northern krill (Meganyctiphanes norvegica) are euphausiid crustaceans widely distributed around the North Atlantic from Canada to Scandinavia and from the Arctic to the Mediterranean. As consumers of plankton and as prey to a variety of mammals, birds and fish species they form an important link in the oceanic food web. They undertake extensive diurnal vertical migrations, moving into deep water during the daytime and into shallower water at night. This project investigates the effect of light on the swimming behaviour of individual krill and examines the underlying causes of the observed migration patterns.

2006 - to date  

Investigation of circadian behaviour in arctic krill

funded by the EU ( Marine Genomics Europe, Network of Excellence)   with Dr Ezio Rosato, Dr Özge Özkaya (Department of Genetics, University of Leicester), Dr Geraint Tarling & Dr Rachael Shreeve (British Antarctic Survey) in association with Professor Mike Thornedyke (Kristineberg Marine Research Station)

2000 - 2001  

Proximate controls on the swimming behaviour of euphausiids


funded by the EU ( TMR-LSF P.58 - 2000 and TMR-ARI P.16 - 2001)   with Dr Magnus Johnson University of Hull (Scarborough) & Professor J.-O. Strömberg (Kristineberg)

Kristineberg Marine Research Station

Kristineberg Marine Research Station



Just before dawn over Gulmarsfjord, Kristineberg, Sweden

Thomasson M.A., Johnson M.L., Strömberg J.-O. & Gaten E. (2003) Swimming capacity and pleopod beat rate as a function of sex, size and moult stage in Northern krill Meganyctiphanes norvegica. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 250, 205-213

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